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We are Fun to 11

Fun to 11 is a company made up of hobby gaming industry veterans dedicated to making games and products that we like. Our fun to 11 projects are projects that we just want to make happen and that we work on outside of our regular jobs. It might be a project of ours that we fall in love with, or an idea from outside our Traveling Wilbury’s-like collective that speaks to us (most game designers have at least one idea that they’ve always wanted to publish, and we’re happy to help!).

Basically, we want to make sure that if there is a good idea, that it sees the light of day. It might be a small goofy item, or a full blown big box game, or some other gamer/geeky thing, who knows. We all have more ideas than time and Fun to 11 is our way of carving out more time.

Fun to 11’s first project is a great example of the philosophy. It’s a deck building game, but it’s one in which you get to make your opponent’s deck as well as your own. This simple idea, once hatched at a dinner at GAMA, stuck in the designer’s craw. What would a deck designing game be like with that twist? See for yourself — learn more and purchase Miskatonic School for Girls here!

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