Castle Dice

Castle Dice is a Dice Drafting, Tactical, Worker Placement, board game of castle building in a barbarian infested frontier land for 2-4 players. To win, a player will have to build up their settlement with workers and gather the correct resources to complete upgrades to their castle all while holding back the barbarians raids.

Castle Dice - More Castles

More Castles, the first expansiont to Castle Dice, takes everything players and reviewers have loved about Castle Dice and adds 4 unique "castle" decks. Now, each player will be drawing from their own deck, instead of sharing one with the other players.


Each of these new decks focuses on a different strategy, and that strategy is supported by awesome new actions and exciting new castle parts. These new castle decks change things up in a way that adds lots of new twists for long-time fans of Castle Dice but keeps the game streamlined – ensuring that the game remains great for gamers of all experience levels. We’ve even included special over-sized tokens that track things like who has the most of each animal type to make the game even easier to teach your friends who haven’t played yet!


More Castles also features the Alliances optional rules, which lets you play Castle Dice in an exciting two-on-two team based format!


Important Note: More Castles is an expansion to Castle Dice. You’ll need a copy of Castle Dice to play with the More Castles components.


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