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Flame War

About the game
Flame War is a game of extreme moderation. Each player takes the roll of a power hungry 
forum moderator trying to control conversations on the internet. Good luck with that.

Flame War is a stand-alone card game where each player takes the roll of a forum
administrator. Players start threads, post to threads, flame and troll each other, and
eventually close down the threads. The player who abuses their internet powers the
most by closing down the most active threads wins!

Flame War was designed by veteran game designer Andy Chambers. Andy was a key
designer at Games Workshop for over a decade, designing games like Warhammer 40K
2nd edition, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and more. Recently, he was the creative director
for StarCraft 2. Flame War is the game he carried in his pocket to play with friends in bars,
available to the public now for the first time.

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