Miskatonic School for Girls


The Miskatonic School for Girls is a high class private school filled with a wonderful variety of charming children. Unfortunately, the staff of the school is made up by a variety of Cthulhu-ian monsters and cultists — all desperately trying to hide their true selves.


In this deck building game, players take the roll of one "House" in the school. During turns, players will add new students to their house (deck), while adding bizarre and mind altering faculty members to the other Houses. Each player tracks their house's sanity on their House Tracker. The last player to have any sanity left in their House wins! while the other houses go stark raving mad.


Below you can watch world-famous game designer Luke Peterscmidt teach you how to play! If you lost your rules or just need a few other sets for friends click here to download them. Running a Demo? Grab a poster file here!


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Miskatonic School for Girls — Holiday Break

Holiday Break is the first expansion to Fun to 11’s best selling game The Miskatonic School for Girls – the deck building game where you build your opponent’s deck!


NEW Added Features include...


  • Starting Houses! Each player starts with a unique set of students and special powers based on which house they are playing
  • Longer School Hours! Store shelves are expanded to hold 4 cards each, giving players more choices on what to buy
  • Purhcase Abilities! A new type of ability that triggers when you purchase the card – great for quick boosts in offence or defense
  • More ways to effect your opponent, more cards, and a lot more insanity!


Important Note: Holiday Break is an expansion to The Miskatonic School for Girls. You’ll need a copy of The Miskatonic School for Girls to play with the Holiday Break components.

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