Miskatonic School for Girls    |      BUY NOW

The Miskatonic School for Girls is a high class private school filled with a wonderful variety of charming children. Unfortunately, the staff of the school is made up by a variety of Cthulhu-ian monsters and cultists — all desperately trying to hide their true selves.

In this deck building game, players take the roll of one "House" in the school. During turns, players will add new students to their house (deck), while adding bizarre and mind altering faculty members to the other Houses. Each player tracks their house's sanity on their House Tracker. The last player to have any sanity left in their House wins! while the other houses go stark raving mad.

Click here to watch world-famous game designer Luke Peterscmidt teach you how to play! If you lost your rules or just need a few other sets for friends click here to download them. Running a Demo? Grab a poster file here!

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Miskatonic School for Girls — Holiday Break    |      BUY NOW

Holiday Break is the first expansion to Fun to 11’s best selling game The Miskatonic School for Girls – the deck building game where you build your opponent’s deck!

NEW Added Features include...

  • Starting Houses! Each player starts with a unique set of students and special powers based on which house they are playing
  • Longer School Hours! Store shelves are expanded to hold 4 cards each, giving players more choices on what to buy
  • Purhcase Abilities! A new type of ability that triggers when you purchase the card – great for quick boosts in offence or defense
  • More ways to effect your opponent, more cards, and a lot more insanity!

Important Note: Holiday Break is an expansion to The Miskatonic School for Girls. You’ll need a copy of The Miskatonic School for Girls to play with the Holiday Break components.

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Castle Dice    |     BUY NOW

Castle Dice is a Dice Drafting, Tactical, Worker Placement, board game of castle building in a barbarian infested frontier land for 2-4 players. To win, a player will have to build up their settlement with workers and gather the correct resources to complete upgrades to their castle all while holding back the barbarians raids.

Check out our Print & Play Version & Solo Play version!

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Castle Dice — More Castles    |      BUY NOW

More Castles, the first expansiont to Castle Dice, takes everything players and reviewers have loved about Castle Dice and adds 4 unique "castle" decks. Now, each player will be drawing from their own deck, instead of sharing one with the other players.

Each of these new decks focuses on a different strategy, and that strategy is supported by awesome new actions and exciting new castle parts. These new castle decks change things up in a way that adds lots of new twists for long-time fans of Castle Dice but keeps the game streamlined – ensuring that the game remains great for gamers of all experience levels. We’ve even included special over-sized tokens that track things like who has the most of each animal type to make the game even easier to teach your friends who haven’t played yet!

More Castles also features the Alliances optional rules, which lets you play Castle Dice in an exciting two-on-two team based format!

Important Note: More Castles is an expansion to Castle Dice. You’ll need a copy of Castle Dice to play with the More Castles components.

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Flame War    |      BUY NOW

Flame War is a game of extreme moderation. Each player takes the roll of a power hungry forum moderator trying to control conversations on the internet. Good luck with that.

Flame War is a stand-alone card game where each player takes the roll of a forum administrator. Players start threads, post to threads, flame and troll each other, and eventually close down the threads. The player who abuses their internet powers the most by closing down the most active threads wins!

Flame War was designed by veteran game designer Andy Chambers. Andy was a keydesigner at Games Workshop for over a decade, designing games like Warhammer 40K 2nd edition, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and more. Recently, he was the creative director for StarCraft 2. Flame War is the game he carried in his pocket to play with friends in bars, available to the public now for the first time.

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Fairy Mischief    |      BUY NOW

Fairy Mischief is a super fun game that has been designed to help transition girls from the classic card game War, to something a little more gamery. With the obvious hope of brainwashing...uh...encouraging girls to have a life long love of games that don't need to live inside a glowing rectangle. 

Fairy Mischief is designed to grow with kids. There are several ways to play the game included in the game.  No one knows your kid better than you, so Susie and Jay designed a game where you can easily add or change rules as your kid masters the game - but the core mechanic and goal stay the same. This makes the game a good fit for a very wide range of ages and allows the game to grow with a child.

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Epic PVP: Fantasy

Whether you choose a more traditional combo like the Human Paladin, or an unconventional one like the Goblin Barbarian, the choice is yours. Gameplay is fast and furious and so much fun that when the game is over you'll want to make another character and play again! THIS is what Epic PvP: Fantasy is all about. Click here for the Print and Play version!

Click here for cool Race/Class combo avatars!

FAQ - Click Here!

Click here for the whole rulebook as a download!

Or click here for our interactive rules!

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Stuffed Scarfs    |    ORDER HERE

Your wishes have come true! Introducing Stuffed Scarfs! Part plush, part scarf, all awesome. A perfect item for anyone with a neck who has a sense of humor and who loves Unicorns or Zombies. Each Stuffed Scarf is a custom designed, high-quality plush featuring either Doodle the Unicorn or George the Zombie.

The scarfs themselves are exclusive custom fabric designs by Fun to 11. Instead of going with a pre-existing fabric design or the cheap route with digital printing, we created a custom roller printed fabric design which leaves our heavy-weight fleece scarf material fluffy and soft. You can't find our custom fabric designs anywhere but these scarfs! Stuffed Scarfs were designed in-house by Fun to 11's own Jordan W Martin. We took Jordan's designs over to Jon Schindehette at ArtOrder to turn them into reality.

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Miskatonic School for Boys    |    ORDER HERE

Miskatnoic School for Boys is an all new game by game designer Garrett Herdter. The game takes place a boarding school for boys. Unfortunately, the school is also a training ground for dark beings from the 5th dimension. These beings, while capable of unfathomable universe destroying power, have a long way to go in order to reach their full potential. The MSfB will help them reach that potential!

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